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How to stop metal corrosion
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Eliminate Metal Corrosion, Permanently. Repair the Cause.

Posted: October 21st, 2013, by Glen Bishop

How to Stop Metal Corrosion, Permanently. See our 5 year guarantee.
Metal corrosion is also known as  marine electrolysis, stray current,  marine corrosion or rust

It has 3 cause/s:



Stray Current: Electrolysis

Rust – Is very weak compared to stray current. It can only exist when moisture is present. When electrolysis is eliminated by the SeaBis System then rust is easily prevented by paint or plating.

Galvanic – Is also weak compared to stray current that generates electrolysis. When electrolysis is eliminated by the SeaBis System then (sacrificial) anodes prevent galvanic corrosion.

Stray Current causes Metal Corrosion – Electrolysis – It has a ferocity 1,000 to 1,000,000 greater than rust or galvanic and is eliminated by the SeaBis System. It is generated by your power being at a different level to the Earth or any other source. It is current from your installation to the Earth, other vessels and installations carrying your metal with it. SeaBis indicates current and the SeaBis System with Process of Elimination,  eliminates the cause.  Any other means must fail.  Reference Wikipedia.

To Eliminate Metal Corrosion – Electrolysis – Connect SeaBis, brown to battery positive, blue to battery negative, green/yellow(current sense) to metal hull/engine. SeaBis indicates Normal(green) very very safe, Caution(amber) you may see corrosion in a year, Serious(red) you will see corrosion in 6 months, Critical(flashing red) eliminate the cause NOW.

How To stop damage to battery and/or your electronics – If AC Only light flashes. Follow Process of Elimination.

30 minutes free diagnostic assistance with every SeaBis.

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Understand The Cause – electric current:

Understand metal corrosion


Eliminate the Cause – Permanently:


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