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Eliminate Metal Corrosion

Posted: October 21st, 2013, by admin

How to Get rid of Metal Corrosion Permanently.

Also known as  Metal Electrolysis corrosion has 3 main causes.



Stray Current. (Electrolysis)

Rust- Is of very low ferocity compared to stray current . Is only  present when there is any moisture in the air. Rust is easily prevented by paint or plating after electrolysis is eliminated by the SeaBis System.

Galvanic- Compared to stray current galvanic is also of very low ferocity . It is easily eliminated by anodes but only after stray current is eliminated by the SeaBis System. Sacrificial Anodes can then work as they are designed to. Galvanic is caused by the natural voltage between two different metals in a conductor such as fresh or salt moisture or water. This voltage never exceeds 1 point 2 volts and current is in the millionths of an amp. Galvanic is at a very very low level compared to the stray current corrosion we are only too familiar with.

Stray Current (Electrolysis) – This type of corrosion has a ferocity 1,000 to 1,000,000 greater than rust or galvanic and is eliminated by the SeaBis System. It is generated by your power  being at a voltage different to the Earth voltage or any other source. It flows as current from the installation to the Earth, other vessels and installations. SeaBis measures current and the SeaBis System with Process of Elimination  repair the cause.  Measuring by any other means must fail.  Reference Ohms Law.

eliminate metal corrosion

eliminate metal corrosion

SeaBis System

Eliminates metal corrosion